Vienna Restaurants Get in the 2010 Michelin Guide

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The 2010 Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe is already out and many travelers are excited to know what cities and dining spots are included in the lists. Vienna, being a popular destination city in Europe, is not to be ignored.

The Austrian capital is no doubt included in the 2010 red guide owing to its most famous restaurants that serve delectable and unique Viennese cuisine in a world class ambience. The Steirereck is the only dining place in Vienna that garnered two Michelin stars. This restaurant is well known for its extraordinary and incomparable way of cooking Austrian cuisine that follows the ancient traditions and recipes as well as its excellent service. It has certainly improved its position from being just a one-star to now a two-star restaurant. The Stierereck always makes it to the food critics and writers’ list of top Viennese restaurants.

Apart from the Steirereck, there are three other restaurants that have gained one Michelin star each. These are the Mraz & Sohn, the Novelli and Walter Bauer.

Restaurant Mraz & Sohn

The Mraz & Sohn restaurant may not be easily accessible to tourists but it’s renowned for its inventive food. The people behind this restaurant make it a point to travel the world to look for inspiration in the exciting dishes that they serve to customers.

Restaurant Novelli

Novelli bacaro con cucina is one of Vienna’s finest Italian restaurants. The atmosphere is elegant and the food served here are expertly done and presented in the most attractive way. The friendly staff also make the dining experience truly unforgettable.

Restaurant Walter Bauer

The Restaurant Walter Bauer is also a popular dining spot in Vienna. It has received great reviews from customers with most of them pointing out the scrumptious food and professional service. Some say despite the small selection offered, different dishes are provided every day to let customers enjoy a  variety of Austrian cuisine.

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