Vienna Sightseeing by Air

With Vienna’s amazing tourist attractions, who wouldn’t want to get around the city to see the beautiful sights. A sightseeing tour around the city is highly recommended to visitors. This can be done in various ways although the usual are by land via a rental car, tram or bicycle and by water through a river cruise. 

This time, however, visitors can do their tour by air. This will be possible very soon when the company Aerial Helicopters offers its sightseeing tour of Vienna via a helicopter. The company has tied up with a travel firm Verkehrsburo for this project. 

The helicopter tour will take visitors from 300 to 500 meters above the Austrian capital for about 40 minutes. This will allow them to see interesting sights every two to three minutes. 

For this aerial tour, the chopper will take off from the Stockerau airfield. Visitors will be flown over the Danube River, Klosenbeuburg, Donauinsel, Lobau and then over Riesenrad. The city center will not be covered due to a lack of permit. 

This sightseeing tour costs 140 Euro per person for a 20-minute tour. A longer aerial tour for about 40 minutes will cost double at 280 Euro per head. 

In 2012, some 400 people went on a helicopter sightseeing tour of Vienna and the figure is expected to go up moving onwards. What makes this type of tour very unique is you get to fly up in the air, view the city from a different perspective and take photos of the various parts of the capital from above. 




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