Vienna in Top 10 List of Most Powerful Cities

Vienna continues to reap rewards which in turn benefits its citizens and visitors. This year, it was named as the city with the best quality of life by Mercer for the second straight year. Another good news is its being included in the Top 10 global ranking of the most powerful cities. 

Based on the Global City Economic Power Index, Vienna ranks 9th among the world’s most economically powerful cities. The survey was done by the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) research team. 

The Index report takes into consideration five core metrics – overall economic clout (based on gross domestic product), financial power (strength of finance and banking sectors), global competitiveness (business activity, human resources, information exchange, cultural experience and political engagement), equity and quality of life (productivity, quality of life, social inclusion and environment sustainability). 

The equity and quality of life factors are based on the United Nations’ City Prosperity Index. This index measures a city’s prosperity based on productivity, infrastructure and quality of life among others. In the City Prosperity Index category, Vienna scored the highest with New York and Toronto trailing behind. 

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