Vienna Treasure Hunt

This week, those interested to have fun and go on a little adventure can join the Vienna treasure hunt organized by street artist Tabby. This man is considered as Vienna’s version of  well known British graffiti artist Bansky. 

This treasure hunt will go on for a week and will include daily challenges. Those who succeed will be rewarded with one of Tabby’s art works. The map and starting point of the hunt will be posted on the website. 

Those interested to join this exciting activity need only to visit Tabby’s website to find out when and where the games will take place. The idea of this treasure hunt is to look for Tabby’s original artworks either on paper, framed pieces and canvas paintings buried in the soil or hidden within the city. The first person to reach the end of the hunt will get to keep what they find.  

To the most resourceful and clever ones, the hunt can take only a few minutes but it may also take a day or two. It all depends on one’s motivation and speed. 

Tabby’s works have been shared online numerous times. He only uses bare walls and neglected corners to stencil his artwork saying that he only wants to surprise people and make their life more interesting. 



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