Vienna is World’s Most Reputable City

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When it comes to reputation, Vienna and its people are tops edging out other international cities. And this is not just from personal opinions but confirmed in a recent study. 

Based on a new comparative study by City Rep Trak, the Austrian capital has the best reputation in the world beyond famous cities such as New York, Munich and Sydney. The research done by the global Reputation Institute ranks 100 of the world’s most reputable cities according to several factors. These factors include trust, esteem, admiration and respect. 

The polls also covers some 18,000 consumers who are asked to rate each city on 13 key attributes and rank them based on three categories – advanced economy, appealing environment and effective government. 

Of the attributes used to rank cities, the most important are the beauty of the city and whether it is considered a safe place for residents and vicitors. A ranking of the city is associated with the amount of suport it gains from its reputation in the fields of business, travel, tourism and investment. 

The Reputation Institute also keeps track of the reputations of countries through the Country Rep Trak as well as global brands and companies in the international markets. 


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