Vienna’s Cost of Living

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There’s no question that Vienna is one of the most liveable cities in the world. Today, it has added another feather to its cap and that is being the best value capitals in Europe. This was confirmed by international consulting firm Mercer when the Austrian capital hosted the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. 

To check Vienna’s cost of living, Mercer took into consideration several factors such as the prices of hamburger, soft drink, pint of beer, cup of coffee and even a taxi ride and compared them with those in London, Paris, Berlin and Rome. The firm found out that although the quality of life in the city is high, the prices are not. 

Enjoy a cup of coffee in Vienna for only 2.83 Euro. Just make sure to avoid the traditional tourist cafes in the 1st district. 

For the beer lovers, a pint of beer in the city costs 4.30 Euro on average, way cheaper than in London. Remember to drink moderately, though.

Visitors who don’t want to spend so much while in Vienna should take the public transportation instead. Public transport in the city is good value than in other European cities. Just buy a travel card for only 365 Euro and enjoy using it on metro trains, trams and buses for  year. 

People planning to move to Vienna for work should also consider renting. Rents are cheaper in the city and reports have it that more than 60 percent of people there live in subisidised public housing. 



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