Vienna’s Grand Pianos

Vienna is synonymous to classical music and many of its world renowned composers did their work with the help of a piano. In fact, some of the best Viennese classical music are played on the piano. 

With the piano being a major musical instrument in the Austrian capital, it is not surprising to find a world class piano manufacturer in the city. The name is Bosendorfer, one of the world’s oldest piano manufacturers. Founded in 1892 by Ignaz Bosendorfer, the company is well known for its rich tradition and outstanding quality of its musical instruments, notably the grand piano. 

It takes Bosendorfer approximately a year to create its top notch grand piano. The expertise in creating the musical instrument has also been passed on through generations since the company was first established. 

Musically-inclined visitors or music fans in general who’d like to take a peek of what these genuine grand pianos look and sound like can check out the downtown showroom. 

Among the Viennese musicians who captured the world, Ludwig Van Beethoven was most known to be an expert in the piano. Although he played various instruments in his youth (clavichord, harpsichord and organ), the piano was what he used to create his musical compositions. As an adult, he actually had several fortepianos including those made by Stein, Bohm, Erard, Schantz and Streicher. 

In the past, the piano was an important source of home entertainment. In addition, it became a status symbol wherein the instrument even occupied the best room in the house. Did you know that a woman skilled in playing the piano back then was considered a good wife material? 

To many people, owning a grand piano is a dream come true. Sometimes, those who own one are not even piano players. They simply love the beauty of this popular musical instrument that they feel they need to have it in their homes. 



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