Vienna’s Important Figures

There is no doubt that Vienna is an international city that continues to attract people from all over the world through its people, places and events. This has been proven many times over in the past and up until today. 

Statistics will show that the Austrian capital is on the right track in attaining its future goals. The 2014 Vienna in Figures report published by the Vienna City Administration will prove it all.  

Deputy Mayor Renate Brauner revealed the city’s most important figures covering population, economic status, tourism and transparency. 

Population-wise, Vienna is expected to hit the 2 million threshold by 2033. Population growth, according to Brauner, means progress in society through busines development. Although there are challenges, investments in infrastructure, education, housing and healthcare are expected to come in. 

In terms of quality of life, Vienna still holds the title as the most liveable city in the world. It earned top marks in international rankings in the areas of quality of life, innovative spirit and economic performance. Brauner assures the city will continue to deliver excellent services and making them accessible to people. 

In the field of tourism, Vienna achieved a new record in 2013 as it recorded 12.7 million overnight stays by tourists. 

The Austrian capital also remains productive. Proof of this are the availability of highly qualified labour and stable labour market. More females are also employed with a 79.5 rate, there’s improved scientific know-how and above-average labour productivity. With these factors in place, Vienna remains to be a desirable business location.  


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