Viennese Doughnut

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People in Vienna love doughnuts as much as Americans love their own version. The Austrian capital also has its own famous doughnut known as the Krapfen and it is usually filled with apricot or raspberry jam. Some have vanilla and chocolate fillings. 

While in Vienna, you can choose to buy this either from a cafe or from a vendor peddling Krapfen such as those in the different markets found in the city. You can even experience watching these doughnuts fried in front of you and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. 

Doughnuts in Vienna are not all round-shaped or the ring type. Some are shaped like a pretzel but tastes delicious just the same. Some doughnuts have fillings inside while the others have the fillings on top of it. And then there are also the small Krapfen on sticks for a twist. 

The doughnut is also a major feature or the traditional dessert of the Carnival in Vienna. It is commonly eaten during the carnival season in the Austrian capital which takes place during the month of February. Legend reveals that a Viennese cook named Cacilie Krapf was responsible for creating this fritter said to give that Fasching feeling. 

This popular dessert has provided people with a secret pleasure since the 1600’s when, allegedly, Frau Krapf first stuffed jam inside fried yeast cakes and sold them on the street.

Countries around the world have their own version of the doughnuts. While the jam is the most popular filling for this confectionery with powdered sugar on top, some use meat  fillings and cheese. 


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