Wean Hean Jazz Festival

In a year, Vienna enjoys several music festivals covering various music genres. One of them is the Wean Hean festival which kicks off in April and ends in May. Its name refers to a Vienna dialect that means hearing and listening. 

This annual festival celebrates Viennese folk song (Wienerlied), world music and contemporary jazz with the goal of positioning it in new contexts and showcasing the link between the old and new. It offers an opportunity for both fans of Viennese traditional music and those not very familiar with it to experience Vienna’s rich musical tradition. 

This year, the Loftcity will play host to the festival opening scheduled on April 16. Although some concerts take place in traditional wine taverns or heurigens, other performances will be at unexpected venues and music fans should expect to representatives of other music styles including jazz and contemporary to grace the musical concerts. 

Among the artists to be featured in the 2015 Wean Hean festival include Barbara Bruckmüller Big Band featuring Jetlag Allstars , the legendary Viennese Tschuschenkapelle, the modern schrammelnde combo of Martin Spengler and the Viennese foischn and the fine Viennese song treasures-presenting Mondscheintrio. 


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