Wedding Austria: Stunning Vienna Wedding Venues & Places

Wedding Austria best venues

A dream wedding Austria can happen in Vienna. There are many reasons why foremost of which is the wide choices of wedding venues and themes offered by this beautiful capital city of Austria. 

Palaces are Best Wedding venues Vienna most women desire

Wedding Austria Schonbrunn

Many women desire to be married in a regal setting and where else can you fulfill this but in a palace venue.

If an imperial ambience is what you wish for, there are several palaces to choose from:

For those who fancy a royalty-like Vienna wedding venues, the Schonbrunn Palace is the perfect setting. The White and Gold rooms are most recommended what with their huge chandeliers and stucco work.

The Schonbrunn Palace which used to be the summer residence of the Habsburg features 1,441 rooms. The Belvedere Palace, meanwhile, is one of Vienna’s best and boasts of ceremonial rooms. 

Great places are the Belvedere Palace and the breathtaking Liechtenstein Garden Palace where you can rent the biggest Baroque hall in Vienna, the Hercules Room.

Best Outdoor Venues Wedding Austria

Beautiful palmhouse

Engaged couples planning to get married in the most romantic way can make their dreams come true in Vienna. With so many beautiful attractions in the Austrian capital, there’s surely one place that will interest you.

An outdoor wedding in Vienna Austria is the trend these days and one of the best venues in Vienna is the Hirschtetten Botanical Gardens. Here, couples and their guests will feel relaxed what with the colorful flowers and plants that surround them.

There are several gardens to choose from in this place. Apart from the wedding garden that feature long-lasting  white, pink and blue flowers, a Mexican garden and Indian gardens are also in place. If the weather does not permit an outdoor wedding, the Palm House is a great alternative.

The Liechtenstein Garden Palace perfect for Wedding

The Liechtenstein Garden Palace, on the other hand, boasts of a spacious park which is a perfect setting for a Vienna wedding venues. The ceremony can be held as well at the Sala Terenna or the Hercules Room with its lovely frescos on the ceiling. The Hercules Room is also considered to be the largest civil Baroque hall in the city.

The Butterfly House & Nouveau Glass house

Happily married couple wedding Austria

If you’d like to be surrounded by butterflies, the Butterfly House is the right place to be in.

Nothing can be more romantic than exchanging your wedding vows amid the fluttering of hundreds of exotic and colorful butterflies – and this is what makes the Butterfly House in Burggarten Park a popular venue for wedding and parties in Vienna.

A special wedding Austria ceremony can be held here in this art Nouveau glasshouse with colorful butterflies. The beautiful plants and flowers as well as the waterfalls add to the romantic ambiance of the place.

The Butterfly House offers a special scenery while the Hirschstetten Botanical Gardens that span 60,000 square meters have a diverse assortment of lovely plants and flowers and different wedding locations.

Vineyard – One of the best Wedding Austria Venues

Loving couple wedding Austria

Another great outdoor setting is the vineyard. The Cobenzl Vienna City Winery offers an amazing view of the city and boasts of a stylish wine cellar. 

The stage is also a great place to exchange your wedding vows and the Wiener Stadthalle event centre is the perfect place. A wedding on stage or in the banquet room of Hall F. is possible at this venue with up to 2,000 guests. 

Vienna wedding Austria venues – ZOO

Feel like getting married in a zoo?

The Vienna Zoo offers the 250-year old Emperor’s Pavilion as the perfect Vienna wedding venues ceremony.

Unique Ideas for Weddings in Austria Vienna

Beautiful marriage ceremony

Couples planning to get married in the most unique way can choose to exchange I do’s in Vienna. You can do it while mobile or while on top of a giant ferris wheel or a historic tower. Whichever you want, there’s always something to look forward to in the Austrian capital. 

Wedding in Vienna Austria Tramway

Did you know that it’s possible to web via the tramway when in Vienna?

Yes, it takes place on the Karlsplatz in front of the Otto Wagner pavilion. Then after the exchange of wedding rings Vienna, the entire wedding entourage enjoys a tram ride around the city depending on where the couple would want to go.

All guests are given a historic tram ticket as a souvenir. 

Giant Ferris Wheel 

Couples who are adventurous can do the giant ferris wheel wedding at the Prater Park. Built in 1896 by an English engineer, the giant ferris wheel honors the late Emperor Franz Joseph.

The war did not stop its existence as it was restored to its former glory after the fighting ended. The wedding ceremony is done inside the Jugendstil car and it starts as the ferrish wheel moves up.

The rites should end when the couple reaches the highest point. If you thinking about wedding Austria idea on the giant ferris wheel is limited to 12 people only. It can be done on weekdays and Saturdays. 

Danube Tower

Fearless couples should also try getting married on top of the Danube Tower. You will not only enjoy fantastic views here but a very unique experience as well. 

The Danube Tower is 150 meters high and features a viewing terrace plus a two-storey glass-paned inside section. The enclosed area enables visitors to enjoy the beautiful views of Vienna even in bad weather. 

Biggest Wedding Fair in Vienna – Trau Dich Vienna 2021

Wedding catering ideas

Wedding fairs are popular events in most cities around the world. It is always fun and entertaining and never ceases to attract hundreds of visitors.

There’s something to look forward to notably with regards to trends in wedding venues Vienna and decorations as well as invitations and wedding gowns. 

Visitors have an opportunity to meet wedding planners and designers and learn about:

  • dresses and suits fit for the occasion
  • cakes, decoration, catering
  • wine
  • locations

In addition to the exhibit, there are discussions on wedding-related issues including planning, legalities, choosing wedding rings Vienna and bands and singers for the reception after the ceremony. 

Get married cake

In most parts of the world, June is a popular wedding month followed by August and September. Surveys have also revealed that more than half or 53 percent of couples pay for most of the wedding costs. 

More info about wedding fair in Vienna – Trau Dich Vienna 2021!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Austria

What are the best outdoor wedding places in Austria?

The Liechtenstein Garden Palace and Butterfly House are amazing places for weddings.

What are the most unique wedding places in Austria?

Ideas like get married in tramway or Danube tower are certainly unique and far from common.

Is there some wedding fairs in Vienna?

Yes, there is a wedding fair in Vienna Trau Dich where people can learn more about dresses, suits, cakes, catering and everything that is necessary for the occasion.

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