What Makes the Bonbon Ball Unique

Did you know that every year, Vienna hosts more than 450 balls? That’s right and the Bonbon Ball is just one of them. 

What makes this particular ball so popular? It is because of its casual approach unlike the others that are very formal. 

The Bonbon Ball is considered the sweetest of its kind being held in the love month of February, specifically on the 28th. This event usually takes place at the Vienna Konzerthaus. It is the only ball being held at the home of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. 

All the four concert halls in the building accommodate the guests each year that number up to four thousand. What also makes this ball interesting and exciting is the fact that a jury selects a couple for the night to be the Miss and Mister Bonbon. The couple’s weight in confectioneries is then donated to charity. 

Vienna’s ball season is always being looked forward to by locals and visitors. For those who don’t regularly attend formal events, this is their opportunity to wear their gowns and suits as well as show their dancing skills. 

This love for balls by the Viennese can be traced back to the 18th century. At that time, only people from the high society were allowed to attend formal events which required them to wear masks and costumes. Emperor Joseph II then thought of accommodating everyone in the Redoute Rooms in the Hofburg palace. 

As the locals were finally able to attend such events, they also followed the proper etiquette and observed courty customs such as adhering to dress codes. This has been carried on until today with morer segments being added to the program. 



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