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Vienna city pass ticket

Vienna City Pass vs City Card – Which one to Choose?

Many of you already know that Vienna has a city card that can be used for public transportation and certain tourist attractions at the same time. It comes in various denominations and offers more than 210 discounts as well as free travel on the city's public transport system for 2 days or 3 days. 

Early next year, a new Vienna Pass card will be launched. This will come in different variations that can be used for two, three or six days. The two-day pass will be sold at 69 Euros while the one good for six days will cost 99 Euros. 

Vienna with kids travel

Vienna With Kids & Family-friendly Museums, Camps, and Carnivals

Vienna may be usually associated with the opera, waltz and high-brow cultural entertainment, but the city also offers numerous fun activities for the whole family. If you are bringing your children for a holiday in Vienna, here are some recommendations to make the experience as pleasurable and at the same time educational for everyone: Museums for Children: Vienna has museums for children of all ages, and kids will find that exploring museums can be an enjoyable activity after all.

Vienna New Year tickets

Vienna New Year Concert – Get Philharmonic Concert Tickets

Vienna is an exciting city to be in. More so when it is New Year’s eve. As many people await the coming in of the New Year, plenty of festive events take place around the city you just need to pick which part you would like to be in.

The outdoors is the best place to be at when you’re in Vienna for the New Year’s eve. But then again, there are other great things you can do indoors. Find out here which activities suit you.