Where to Enjoy Sports Activities

Vienna offers a wide range of activities for its visitors to enjoy all year round whatever the season. Apart from cultural entertainment, there are sports and recreational facilities in place where people can go to and practice what they love to do or watch competitive games scheduled during their stay.

Ernst Happel Stadium

This stadium was inaugurated in 1931. It plays host to all major international soccer games in Vienna and is also the home of local sports clubs.

From its previous seating capacity of 49,000, the stadium can now accommodate 53,000. The seats were increased in 2008 in time for the Euro championships.

Bade-Schiff Pool

This is actually a ship with a heated outdoor swimming pool and is now a popular recreation area in Vienna. Docked next to Schwedenplatz, it also features a cafe and restaurant while the other ship has changing rooms for visitors. There’s also an area at the top called the beach for sunbathing purposes.

Skate Parks

Most of Vienna’s parks welcome skaters particularly during summer time. Whether for roller blading or roller skating, the parks are the safest areas to do these activities.

Roller blading is well known in the Austrian capital. There’s a weekly night marathon normally done on a Friday night for people who love doing this activity. Safety gears are, of course, a must.

Kaiser’s Park

Runners and joggers can do their favorite activity at the Park of Schonbrunn which stretches for two kilometers. It has long flat ways but also features uphill passages going to the Maze and the Gloriette.

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