Where to Savor Delicious Grilled Food

Grilled food is not only delicious but very healthy and preferred by many people. There’s something to that smoky taste that magnetizes people.

When in Vienna, there are various dining places visitors that offer barbecue in a unique ambience. Here, you can enjoy your favorite grilled food while relaxing with your loved ones.

Palais Coburg – At the Palais Coburg in the first district, the guest garden is where you’ll be able to enjoy barbecue at its best. There are three barbecue stations where the main courses are cooked and where guests can help themselves. Wines are served during the meal and desserts are served directly at the tables. A wine buffet is also available.

Zur Alten Kaiserm├╝hle – This place is for the romantics. Situated right by the Old Danube, grilled food is best enjoyed during the summer. Before you try any other specialties, it is highly recommended to order the restaurant’s traditional spareribs marinated in a unique recipe. You can then try the Spanish and Italian steaks as well as the Mediterranean seafood dishes.

Restaurant Kaiserwalzer – Located in the 6th district, this dining place features a lovely garden where guests can enjoy their favorite grilled food from fish to meat. Another place perfect for a romantic dinner under the stars.

Renaissance Vienna Hotel – The hotel offers a City Barbecue for four days each week from Wednesday to Saturday. Barbecue specialties that can be enjoyed here include fish and meat with delicious dips and sauces.

Check out these great dining places whenever you visit Vienna and you won’t regret being there.

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