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House in Vienna

House-hunting Tips

Homes in Vienna are normally purchased by residents and when they've bought a new house, the Viennese hold on to it for as long as they can. The supply of houses in the city is also not that plenty. For this reason, the Austrian capital is not considered an investors' market owing to the lack of ultra-prime properties.  

But local demand remains strong and real estate agents expect a steady, although slower, growth. 

Unique Botique Hotels

Vienna offers a wide range of hotels that suit every person's need and budget. From the high-end and modern to the traditional and budget-friendly, any visitor can find one in the Austrian capital.

For those who want to veer away from a traditional hotel setting, there are many places of accommodation that boast of stylish designs and unique concepts. 



In Vienna, visitors can still explore many old and historical buildings spread around the city. When it comes to housing, one most notable structure in the Austrian capital is the Karl-Marx-Hof. It is considered one of the best municipal tenement complexes situated in Dobling in Vienna's 19th district. Additionally, it is known as the world's longest ingle residential building. 

Palaces Tranformed into Hotels

Palaces abound in Europe and Vienna is just one city where these regal structures still rise in grandeur and can still be visited. Many of these palaces and castles are rich in history and although they have been preserved, quite a number have been converted into lodgings. 

Hotel Imperial

One-of-a-kind Hotels in Vienna

Whether you're traveling to Vienna for the first time or for the nth time, there's an opportunity to experience hotels that offer a unique atmosphere and interior design but still provide the best comfort to all guests. If you're tired of staying in a usual hotel, then it's time to book at some of these one of a kind hotels in the Austrian capital.  

Camping in Vienna

Camping is a favorite pastime of many Austrians including those in the capital Vienna. Some tourists who love the outdoors also prefer to camp while the city. The whole of Austria boasts of green and lovely camping environments which couples, families and groups of friends can surely enjoy.

Design Hotels in Vienna

There is something to be said about staying in a tastefully designed hotel when travelling to another place – aside from making one’s stay a delightful experience it also affords a glimpse into the culture of the country. Vienna, the capital city of design and architecture definitely does not disappoint in this area. Complementing the magnificent medieval buildings around are modern hotels that have been built and designed by well-known contemporary architects and artists.