Why Living in Vienna Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Living in a new place can either make your life better or worse. But when you choose to live in Vienna or in Austria in general, you’ll most probably improve your life as what many expats have experienced.

How then can living in Vienna make your life and that of your family better? There are several factors that contribute to experiencing a quality of life in the Austrian capital. Keep in mind that the city has been consistent in being in the top spot as the best city in the world for quality of life based on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.


When in Vienna or in other parts of Austria, people can learn to relax more because of a laid back lifestyle. There are many reasons why this is possible. For one, shopping hours are restricted and shops are normally closed on Sundays. Many businesses are also closed in August.

As for work, it is usually done early on a Friday which allows people and families to enjoy travel out of town and enjoy a nature trip and othe leisure activities.


Apart from its top quality of life, food in Austria is also very food. There’s an abundance of quality, local, organic and seasonal foods that one can find in supermarkets and grocery shops. Organic foods are also very affordable which means people can achieve and maintain a healthy body while living in the country.

Active Lifestyle 

Those who are fond of adventures will not regret being in Vienna or in any part of Austria. There’s every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without having to go through traffic or ride in a vehicle. Hiking and cycling are great activities to do that can make one more fit and healthy.

Direct bike paths are available away from the main roads and ideal for people who love to pedal to work or just for leisure purposes.

Safe Workplace 

Expats working in various parts of Austria can attest to the good working conditions in the country. Many are also enjoying more bonuses and incentives compared to places where they came from. In Austria, workers enjoy double pay in the summer and during Christmas as well as a full one hour break during lunchtime.

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