Pizzas and burgers are almost non-existent in Vienna, except for some specialty restaurants that serve these. Instead they have reputable Würstelständes or sausage stands all over the city. Everyone enjoys these Viennese fast food snacks- from businessmen, students and even street cleaners.

These sausage stands were originally created to provide employment to disabled war veterans at the time of the Imperial monarchy. These hotdog stands have survived despite the new food trends and the opening of fast food joints.

Locals have their own favorite sausage combos. Most people who love sausages would have no problems choosing their order. Here is a guide to what a usual hotdog stand offers:

Frankfurter – is the most common sausage which is served with a brown bread.

Burenwurst or Klobasse –is thicker than a frankfurter. It is spicier and has some ham too.

Kasekrainer –is a sausage with some cheese which originated from the eastern part of Krain, a region in Slovenia, which is the old empire.

Bosna –is a spicy sausage in a long roll which is topped with onions, mustard or curry sauce. Its name was probably derived from Yugoslavia-Bosnia which are fond of spicy food.

Debreziner –is a spicy smoked sausage which originally came from the old Empire in Hungary.

The sausages are served sliced or whole, with brown bread or on a roll. Simply take a pick. Top them with ketchup, different kinds of mustard, horseradish and even mild curry powder. Pair them with soda, beer or even a white wine spritzer to complete the meal.

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