Waves Vienna


Music is everywhere in Vienna and festivals paying tribute to various music genre can be experienced all year round. For the month of October, Waves Vienna is the premier music festival. 

This year marks the fifth time this event will be held during the first week of October. It carries the theme “East Meets West” with focus on live concerts and a music conference with guest countries include Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. More than 100 international acts from alternative to electronic and club music are expected to perform in the different sections of the 1st district particularly focusing along the Ringstrasse area. 

Clubs that are hosting this year’s performances include the Porgy & Bess, Heuer, House of Music and the Kunstlerhaus Passage. 

Another perk for this festival is the tram that will be going around Ringstrasse. It will serve as a Music Train during this five-day event. 

In addition to the concerts and conference, there will also be films, literature and dining for the first time. Workshops for musicians and anybody interested in music are lined up as well. 

Bratislava will also hold its own version of the Waves Vienna festival for two days. The place can be reached by shuttle bus from the Austrian capital. 

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