Art Austria Fair

Art exhibits are commonplace in the Austrian capital. They are held all throughout the year and this April, Vienna will once again host the Austrian Art Fair at the Leopold Museum. 

Some 45 artists are expected to display their works spread out on the three floors of the museum for this Art Austria trade fair. 

Scheduled on April 3 to 6, the exhibit will showcase art collections from the different galleries across the country as well as those from art dealers. Some of the finest art pieces ranging from the Art Nouveau and Biedermeier to the Classicism and contemporary periods will be on display at the museum that covers an areas of 2,450 square meters. 

For this year, the art trade fair will also award 10,000 Euros each to artists nominated by exhibitors. They will be categorized nito the “forgotten, forsaken and underestimated,” “established, arrived” and “young, emerging” and a jury composed of art experts will choose the winners. 

Another perk for visitors during the art exhibit will be the Art Austria magazine to be given as supplements with several major local newspapers. The magazine will feature art discussions by journalists, information about the trade fair including the work being showcased and a forward by artist  Barbara Catoir. 

A digital Art Austria Fair is an added incentive in the hope to make the event the first of its kind in the world to stay open round the clock. This is aimed at presenting the event on the internet and providing links to vital information about the art pieces on display through texts and email. 



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