Come to Vienna for a Sweet Chocolate Treat

Chocolate arrived in Vienna already in the year 1713 when Emperor Charles VI moved his court from Madrid, Spain to this Austrian city. It followed the arrival of drinking chocolate in Austria via Italy in 1640. From that time on, the Viennese started a tradition of serving cups of rich chocolate containing sugar and vanilla and with whipped cream sprinkled with cacao powder as topping. It was in 1778 when the Austrians were able to produce the first recipe for a cake made with chocolate.

Now, where can you go to taste these authentic Viennese chocolate treats? There are plenty around the capital city that you can visit.

Altmann & Kühne – Situated on the busy shopping street of Graben, this place boasts of an elegant and vintage ambience. One of its specialties is the handmade Lilliput chocolate truffles packed in a beautiful box.

Demel – This confectionary shop is located on Kohlmarkt and is famous for its Sachertorte and candied violets. This used to be the royal court confectioner and continues to attract customers. Chocolate prices here may be a bit expensive compared to the other stores.

Julius Meinl – This is known as the premier coffee roaster of Vienna. But apart from getting your espresso here, this place also provides fresh coffee beans, tea, accessories for making coffee, honeys, wines, delicacies and not to forget your favorite chocolate. You can find here some of the best chocolate bars made by Austria’s top chocolate makers. Some unique chocolate candies you can get here are those with herbs, candied violets, rose petals and dried flowers.

Fruth – You will find this place, Eduard A Fruth, on Kettenbruckengasse. It offers chocolate truffles, blocks, tarts and desserts. Chocolate bars including those with cognac and chili can be bought here as well as the traditional pastries. Saturdays are normally jampacked so if you don’t like the crowds, make sure to visit on other days.    

Schoko Company – Situated at Naschmarkt, this shop specializes in organic and fair trade chocolate. Featured chocolates here are from Josef Zotter known for creating exotic chocolate flavours including those with bacon and Goji berries.

Chocolate Museum — Finally, don’t forget to visit the Viennese Museum of Chocolate on Willendorder Gasse.  Here you will learn how chocolate making started in Austria and how it’s created. You will also be able to enjoy some tastings during a guided tour at the museum.

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