Vienna Spring Festival

Spring marks the start of music festivals in Vienna and one that every tourist should find time to witness. And why not because Vienna is the world’s capital of classical music.

While musical events are held on a daily basis in the city, one of the best classical music spectacles in Vienna worth experiencing is the Vienna Spring Festival. Held yearly at the Musikverein, the program features the works of famous Viennese musicians such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Christoph Willibald Gluck and Johann Bach in more than 60 concerts.

Founded in 1992, this famous festival in the capital of Austria attracts thousands of music loving people. With local and international artists performing in various concerts, it makes any visit to Vienna truly satisfying and unforgettable. 

Each year, the Vienna Spring Festival takes place for more than a month starting in April and culminates on the third week of May. In 2011, the fourth organ in the Golden Hall built by Rieger was unveiled. Several organ concerts are also part of the festival with top casts including the Vienna Philharmonic, ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Boys’ Choir among many others. This year, the London Philharmonic and the Munich Philharmonic are expected to perform before the finale on May 16.

Being able to attend the Vienna Spring Festival or any classical music event should  make any visit to the Austrian capital complete and most memorable so make sure to include this in your list of must-attend events. 

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