Austrians Concerned of their Future

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Vienna has been named as the city with the highest quality of life for four straight years. It welcomes people from all walks of life from students to professionals and business owners. The capital city with 1.7 million residents is known for its vibrant cultural scene, comprehensive health care, amazing architecture and moderate housing costs. 

The Viennese people and the Austrians in general value their daily life. Those with families make it a point to support their loved ones and ensure they have a bright future ahead. Parents make sure to send their children to school to enable them to land a job later in their lives. 

A new survey has found that indeed, their future is a major concern of Austrians. Their biggest concerns, among others, are their pension and the future of their children, based on the findings of a online survey conducted by the Linz research institute. 

The research that covered some 500 people showed that 65 percent of Austrians think about or worry about their children’s opportunities for success. On the other hand, 61 percent worry about the security of their pensions. 

The environment’s condition is also a cause of worry. In comparison to a similar survey done in 2008, the latest survey revealed that concerns on environmental catastrophes particularly those caused by nuclear power plants in Europe went up to 54 percent from only 31 percent five years ago. In addition, more than half of participants are troubled about pollution and their country’s progress. 

There were some areas as well where the Austrians have reduced their concern. These are on the entry of immigrant workers in their country and the entry of Turkey in the European Union. 



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