Vienna Grand Ball: One of the World’s Best New Year Events

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The new year’s eve celebration is always looked forward to by many people from all over the world. A great number of them book to attend special events where they eagerly await the spectacle that go with the celebration such as fireworks display, countdowns and wine. 

Several international cities are known for their so-called epic parties, beautiful light shows and fireworks displays and one of them in Vienna. While most New Year celebrations are out on the streets, the Austrian capital holds its event inside the ballroom which is beautifully decorated. 

Called the “Le Grand Bal or Grand Ball,” this event takes place at the Hofburg Palace and features a gala dinner with classical music and ballet performances. The dinner normally involves four courses. At midnight, a traditional Blue Danube Waltz takes place plus a fireworks display and the ringing of the Pummerin bell.  

Formerly known as the Kaiserball, the Grand Ball starts with a formal welcome for the guests on the red carpet. From there, leading soloists from the Vienna State Opera Ballet Association will give an acrobatic performance followed by some dancing led by the debutantes committee from the internationally renowned Elmayer Dance School. 

Also taking part in this formal occasion are the singers from the Vienna State Opera and Volksoper who will perform their arias during the opening ceremony and the midnight show. 

As for the gala dinner, guests are usually treated to sumptuou Viennese and French food and wine. The main course features roasted scallops with Keta caviar, beef tenderloin with truffled potato gratin while dessert involves berries with champagne Espuma on a Praline of pear and marzipan. 

This Grand Ball also signals the start of Vienna’s ball season. 


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