What’s With Austrian Bread Spreads?

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Vienna and Austria in general boast of truly delicious food that people from around the world also love. Other than its famous pastries, the country is also well known for its unique bread spreads. 

Austria’s bread spreads are tightly linked to the wineries of Vienna, Lower Austria and Styria. It is at here the wineries as well as breweries where people can actually get a taste of these bread spreads. And there are several of them that both locals and tourists love. 

Liptauer – The name of this spread was taken from Liptau, a region in Slovakia. It is made from creamy soft cheese mixed with red pepper and herbs. 

In Vienna, many wineries serve a mild and spicy versions of this type of bread spread which is served best on pumpernickel or rye bread. There are also more sophisticated variations that contain chopped pickled gherkins, onions and anchovies. 

Verhackert’s – This spread contains finely chopped bacon and is sometimes served as a snack, as part of a cold evening meal or as a buffet dish. This spread can also be bought in the small regional wine taverns. Preparing this spread can be time consuming and can even about two months. 

The best kind of Verhackert is made from winter-cured bacon which should have been allowed to freeze thoroughly two or three times. 

The bacon is eventually minced and then pressed firmly into an air-tight container notably a wooden or earthenware tub. Verhackert today is usually available at the butcher’s shop or at markets where farm produce is sold. 

Brat’lfettn – This is a gelatinous kind of spread and is actually cold gravy with pork fat. 

Horse radish spread – This one is a mix of spicy horse radish and soft cheese. 


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